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Stephanie Crooks Full Bio


Let me start off my saying that I am a Professional Wedding DJ.  This is my career. DJ'ing is not something I do on the side or do for a hobby.  It is my full time career that I absolutely love. I sepnd all week prepping for my upcoming  weekend weddings to assure the perfect layout for my clients.


What sets me apart from other Pittsburgh DJ's is the amount of effort I put into every event.  I love what I do and I make sure every event is flawless. My digital equipment is always new and up to date. My setup is sleek, clean, and modern.  My vast knowledge of music and my ability to read any type of crowd lets me play the right songs at the right time. Ask me about my style.


You are not looking for someone to just play music at your event. You are looking for a host and an event coordinator. I am not just your DJ.  I am your host for your entire event.  I coordinate with you and the other vendors to ensure a perfect outcome.

I create the atmosphere and keep the flow going smoothly.  I am knowledged and experienced in what I do and know what is needed to be done to create a perfect event.  I know what needs to be done, and at one time to do it.  My experience of doing over 500 weddings, I can read the crowd and types of guests at your event.  I know the best times to do the special dances. I know what song rotation to use for your type of crowd.  I know after talking with you and planning your wedding what you want to happen and I see that it gets accomplished. 



I have been DJing the Pittsburgh and Western PA area since 2000. I have always had a love for music and business. After finishing college in 2004, I started Premium Soundz DJ Service  and have been performing at various types of events including birthday parties, graduations, car shows, clubs, to weddings.  I now specialize in weddings and typically do over 55 weddings per year.


Since 2004, my main focus has been on weddings. I provide exceptional service for my clients by giving my full attention to every detail. I have the experience with all types of crowds, venues, and setups. I not only provide the music and act as the master of ceremonies; I also work with all other vendors to make sure everyone is on the same page to ensure your special day is running smoothly. I can also help you plan out your events, write up your schedule for the evening, and make suggestion for the layout of your wedding. In 2014 - I DJ'd a total of 66 weddings!

I am a member of the Western PA DJ Association and meet monthly with other DJ's from the area to learn the latest trends, lighting, and upcoming styles for today's Weddings. I currently use all digital music to assure the highest quality sound. LED dance floor lighting is included in all of my wedding packages along with wireless mics that I provide to your guests to use at the wedding. I have over 45,000 songs from the 50's to today's hottest music. I update my music on a monthly basis and can promise you that I have everything you want to hear. Since my music is digital I have the ability to download any track on site.

My style is professional and modern. I am the kind of DJ that wants to keep your guests on the dance floor until the very last song is played. I like to mix up the music to keep all different ages on the dance floor at all times. I will not start out the night by playing the five most popular dance songs, I will space them out throughout the evening to give the guest something to look forward to and to keep them excited and involved until the wedding is over.


My emcee annoucing style is professional and to the point.  I keep it classy.  I announce your special events with enthusiasm.  My rotation of music keep all your guests on the dancefloor without me shouting at them to get up and dance!  I'm not going to make little jokes in the mic or call people out.  We keep things fun and to the point.  The attention of the evening is on the bride and groom, not me. My job is to keep the flow of the evening going, great music from start to finish, and assure you that are your guest are having the best night of their lives!


I am fully insured to cover myself and your guests from any events that may occur. You can count on me and my setup to look and sound 100% professional. I will be professionally dressed and my equipment will be displayed as neatly. There will be no wires showing, exposed cords, or anything on the floor around my setup. I back up all of my equipment to guarantee there will be no interruptions in my service. I will follow my complete wedding code of conduct to assure you that you are only dealing with the best.

I like to keep my pricing competitive with other DJ's in the area. I typically offer a more reasonable fee to book more events. I love what I do and to have more than one event per weekend is ideal to me. I never book more than one event per day. I work mostly on referrals which enables me to keep my costs down since I am not paying for the advertising and office expenses. Do you know what makes a DJ rated #1 or in the top 10 on the most popular wedding sites? It is the amount of money they pay to have their name put there.  Top rates Disc Jockey's on the wedding sites you are drawn to pay over $500 per month to have a top spot. This is why you are paying more for their service.  Their ranking is not by how good they are or how many reviews they have, its by how much they are willing to pay to have their name on top of the list.


By choosing me to take care of your special day, you can be confident that your wedding will be amazing and exactly what you always imagined. I will make sure that your wedding will go on to be the most memorable day of your life!

I attended the 2015 Mobile Beat Seminar and expo in Las Vegas to learn tips on being the best DJ and Host possible.  The expo had all of the newest gear and lighting used to create an amazing event.  I am always looking to improve myself and my performance any way that I can!

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