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Questions You Should Be Asking Your Wedding DJ

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Wedding DJ

Choosing a wedding DJ isn’t always the easiest process. There is actually a lot more than just price to take into consideration. Below is a list of the top ten questions you and your partner should ask before officially hiring your wedding DJ:

First things first, how much should you pay? Too often, the only question asked is “how much are you?” One should really be taking into consideration what level of customer service is being offered, though. Good weddings DJs can very easily cost upwards of $800. Some are even and others a bit less, however, you shouldn’t make the mistake of booking a DJ based on merely the price alone. Consider other factors such as quality of equipment and experience level as well.

Can we meet to discuss my wedding? Any good DJ will have absolutely no problem with this. It’s really important that you get a feel for your DJ’s personality; they are a big part of your special day and it is important that you like them. Plus, you’ll probably meet up with them and realize you had more questions than you even realized.

What song should our first dance be? This is one of the most essential questions of all! A good DJ should be able to help guide you successfully to this answer without dictating. Some popular choices include Endless Love by Lionel RIchie & Diana Ross, Marry You by Bruno Bars, and Can’t Help Falling in Love With You by Elvis Presley.

How long have you been DJing? How much wedding experience do you have? These days, anyone can call themselves a DJ if they’ve got the equipment; that’s why it is so crucial to ask these questions. Note the “experience of weddings” question, too. A simple pub DJ who does does weekly bar events or house parties may not be the ideal one for your wedding. These are entirely different settings and it’s essential they know what they are doing.

You’re playing to a mixed crowd. What music do you have? A good DJ will be able to read the crowd and blend different styles of music together smoothly. It is always a good idea to discuss what music you would like to hear prior to as well. Keep in mind that a DJ who plays only the latest “Top 40” tracks might be enjoyed by a younger crowd, but not by a mixed one that includes elderly guests as well.

Lastly, what type of equipment do you have? A good quality sound system is essential. It may help to even have a meeting prior with both the DJ and the wedding organizer at the venue. Don’t forget to ask your DJ if they carry spares as well. If am amplifier goes down, is there a plan?

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