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Unique 2017 Wedding Party Favor Ideas

Tired of the traditional wedding table favors you keep seeing these days? You’re not the only one. You need to step out of the box and get unique with your favors in 2017. Your guests matter too, of course. Check out the list below of unique party favor ideas we came up with:

A Hangover Kit. Who couldn’t use one of these the night after a wedding?

Your wedding is going to be the ultimate party, so send your guests off with a hangover kit they'll be sure to use the next day. Buy some fancy bottles of Figi water and attach a little packages with either Advil in them or a little sleeping mask. Whatever you fancy; just be creative.

S’mores Kit. Can’t go wrong here! Nicely package up some chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers for the ultimate treat to go home with. All that’s missing is the campfire!

Seed bombs. Perfect for any nature-lover/eco-friendly guest! These unique little packages can be made cheap and easily. Just package up some seeds of your choice, make them look pretty, and sit them out. As you grow a new life, they can grow themselves a cute new garden!

Fire Starter. A cute jar of fire-starting materials makes the perfect favor any nature lover. Help your guests ignite some new flames at your wedding!

Travel Tags This is the perfect favor for any jet setting couple. Leave a couple of travel tags for each of your guests to take home and use on their own new adventures.

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