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Do I need a Cookie table at my Pittsburgh Wedding?

Do I need a Cookie table at my Pittsburgh Wedding?

If you’re questioning whether or not to get a cookie table at your upcoming Pittsburgh wedding, you better definitely change your answer to a yes! The Cookie Table is a Pittsburgh native tradition! It just wouldn’t be a proper wedding without one.

So what’s the story with the cookie table? Does everyone just have a bigger sweet tooth in Steel City? No one knows the exact origin of the tradition, but the cookie table at weddings has been a tradition for centuries. When I say centuries, I mean centuries too! What is known about the Cookie Table is that it originated in Industrial Area around the time of the Great Depression. The tradition was believed to be a response to the depression. Lavish wedding cakes were very expensive and many families were unable to afford them so in result, the cookie tray tradition was born. Now endless generations of grandmothers, mothers, and other family members get together to bake cookies for the big day.

Almost every Pittsburgh wedding you come across these days will have a cookie table and the size can range from a few hundred to a few thousand! This keeps both the cookie shops and your guests happy. In fact, some tables include take-home containers for your guests to enjoy the goodness again the next day. Whether they’re bought from a shop or freshly homemade, your cookie table is ensured to be a deliciously delight treat!

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